To run the media mixer

mcu [-h] [--help] [--mcu-log logfile] [--mcu-pid pidfile] [--http-port port] [--rtmp-port port]


Following are the parameters used that can be set for the Media Mixer

-h,--help Print help
-f Run as daemon in safe mode
--mcu-log Set mcu log file path (default: mcu.log)
--mcu-pid Set mcu pid file path (default:
--http-port Set HTTP xmlrpc api port
--rtmp-port Set RTMP xmlrpc api port


Following is an example how to run the Media Mixer in safe mode and logging to the desired destination

root@ubuntu:/usr/local/src/mcu/bin/debug# ./mcu -f --mcu-log /var/log/mcu.log
MCU started